First off let me share a little history. This started when friends and I shared some shipping from the States in June of 2013. We shared the fixed costs and lowered the rates by combining our volume. The list of "friends" grew quickly and just as quickly it became all but impossible to figure out who owed what. My solution was to just set one rate for everybody and then I worked to operate within that budget. Many months I ended in the red but most months I either broke even or had a surplus which, as Susanne will ruefully attest, I have sunk entirely back into the operation. With the help and devotion of some very, very good and patient friends I still operate on that basis, more like a co-op. The support and encouragement we have received from the community has been nothing short of stunning and, so, once Lowell chose to join me we decided to try to make a business of it. It will take some time however, and until then we will continue to operate more or less under the current format.

Before I go any further I want to thank everybody for their participation, encouragement, help and patience throughout this process. I am proud of being able to help my community.  A Special shout-out and thanks to my patient wife and the self-proclaimed 'jerryatrics" who always show up to help with the loads.
Thank you, jerry

We operate a receiving warehouse in Miami Florida in partnership with our brokers. When your packages are received they are logged, inventoried, assigned a Warehouse Receiving number and staged for shipment.  Approximately every 2 weeks we load a container of our packages at which time bills are sent to the individual participants for their portion. On the CR side we operate under the umbrella of a Costa Rica Licensed Consolidator and Broker. Our container is shipped to Limon where duties are paid by the broker and the contents are then transferred to Uvita.  The cargo is unloaded, sorted and distributed.  

    • Flat screen TVs incur a surcharge of $25 to $75 depending on size
    • Items that require a pallet for loading and unloading will incur a flat $75 surcharge (covers billable volume consumed by the pallet + any cost for the pallet itself.) 
    • Items that come already strapped or shrink-wrapped to a pallet will include the pallet itself in the billed dimensions.  
    • Price is all-inclusive from Ft Lauderdale to Uvita, including all taxes and duties.
    • These rates apply to personal use goods – if you have resale or commercial items please contact me for a quote.
    • Some items are restricted or specially taxed.  Permits and associated taxes for such items are extra cost. 
    • Shipping is based on volume consumed, not weight.  The maximum outside dimensions will determine the volume for each package/pallet. Measurements are always rounded up to the next full inch and volume to the next full cubic foot.  
    • All rates are subject to change without notice.
  • The rates here reflect our expected costs but final costs are not known until the taxes are paid. Rates are subject to change without notice. The rates posted here at the time of billing will apply. Extraordinary cost increases that occur after you have committed to send your packages to us may be reflected in your billing. Extraordinary taxes applied after you have already paid your bill will be billed and collected separately.
  • Receipts, packing lists/inventories and declared values are required.
    • Electronic copies of receipts are required for anything purchased and shipped new.
    • Electronic copies of packing lists with declared values are required for re-packed and personal packed boxes, NEW OR USED (see above if the repack includes anything new).
    • ALL DOCUMENTATION MUST BE ELECTRONIC. Copies of invoices and packing lists should NOT be put into the package. We must process all of our paperwork electronically. PDF via email is the preferred format.
  • No shipments in bond will be accepted

Every "package" ** is automatically insured against loss or damage up to $50 ++. That cost is itemized on your invoice. Optionally you can purchase additional insurance, up to $350 in additional coverage for a maximum coverage of $400 per package.  Additional coverage may be available by separate quote.  If however you absolutely, positively will accept zero risk then you need to find another service to care for your needs.  We work very hard at making this service the very best it can possibly be.  Still, while we strive to operate a first-class service we are operating in a third-world country and are often limited by that environment in ways that are sometimes insurmountable.  We ask only that you work with us -- not against us. We will do everything we can to take care of you and your possessions.
** A “package” is defined here as an individually addressed, tracked and billed piece of cargo, as received for you and assigned a WR# at our receiving warehouse. A package can be a parcel, a bundled or otherwise contained pallet, a single box or an envelope -- each containing one or more other containers (cardboard box, plastic bin, bag, etc.) or individual items. If you send 2 pallets of personal goods, they each constitute a single package regardless of the contents. Likewise, if we receive one parcel from Amazon or you personally drop off one packed cardboard box, each constitutes a single package, regardless of the number of items contained therein.
++ If a package is not immediately identified or is temporarily misplaced and misses the intended container we will work to ensure that it is on the very next container. We provide insurance of last resort meaning that claims against any contracted service providers and warehouses must be resolved first.  Insurance does not cover loss or damage due to acts of God, including, but not limited to, weather, winds, flooding or earthquakes.  In the event that a package is actually damaged or declared lost we will, (subordinate to other insurance coverage), at our discretion, repair, replace or reimburse up to the insured value.  Insurance only applies to properly inventoried and declared items.

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