GREAT NEWS .......

We are so very happy to again import your HEALTH & BEAUTY AIDS, FOOD, ESSENTIAL OILS and a variety of other controlled items. Restrictions apply.

A more complete list of items that fall under this heading can be found to the right.

Restrictions and suggestions are listed below.

fees temporarily waived

The permit fee is $10 per unique item. For example two identical bottle of shampoo is one unique item with a fee of $10. Two different kinds, or sizes, of shampoo would incur $20 in fees.

Air Shipping ONLY

Controlled items can ONLY be shipped by air. These items are still not permitted in your personal belongings destined for ocean shipping. (A pallet or crate cannot be shipped by air.)

Our CALCULATOR page has been updated to provide air cargo pricing, up to 10 lbs. Please call for estimates above 10 lbs.

Notes:> Air shipping is weight sensitive. For that reason you may find that certain items, while permitted (e.g. cat litter), may be too heavy to be cost effective. > Air shipping does scale well so, because there would only be a single fee, it might make more sense to bring in 2 or 3 identical bottles of a supplement rather than 1 at a time.> None of our lists are exhaustive. If you can't find it on our lists or have questions about something you plan to ship. Please ask first.

What can we ship now?

A complete list is impossible to compile but following is a partial list of popular items that we previously had to stop shipping. If your item is not listed here, or on the WHAT WE CAN'T DO page, please let us know.

          • Food,
          • Edible seeds,
          • Salt
          • Supplements,
          • Essential oils,
          • Ointments and salves,
          • Medications,
          • Epsom salts
          • Makeup and powders,
          • Perfumes,
          • Lotions and creams
          • Soaps,
          • Shampoos and conditioners,
          • Detergents and softeners
          • Cat food, dog food, cat litter
          • Pet meds.

As alway, if you are unsure just ask.

It is always safest to ask first!