The requirements to participate are simple: have a telephone you answer and an email that you check. Each participant must pre-register on the "GET STARTED" page -- a simple, 1-min info form where you share those details. I then call the prospective participant to talk about needs, wants and expectations. Upon mutual agreement that this Uvita Shared Community Container works for the participant's needs I create a receiving account for the participant with the receiving warehouse. Once that account is set up I email the participant with their new shipping address and any special instructions. We do not accept ad hoc shipping. ONLY registered participants are given the receiving warehouse address.

The packages and pallets arrive at the warehouse via common carrier (e.g. UPS, mail, freight, etc.) or as drop-offs (e.g. you, a friend, local vendor). At the warehouse each package is measured and weighed and assigned a warehouse receiving number. Each package is then opened, inspected for damage, inventoried and resealed.

  • All cargo will be opened and inspected.
  • A detailed packing list or inventory, with declared values, must be provided for all personally packed packages
  • A valid receipt is required by Costa Rica for all new items.
  • Appliances and other large factory-boxed items may be unboxed for security inspection.
  • If damage is found you are notified by email and given your options for dealing with it.

When the receiving process is complete the package is filed and you are notified by email within 2 business days. YOUR PACKAGE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY UNTIL WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT WE ARE IN POSSESSION OF IT. The email is your proof that we have it. If you have been informed that your pkg has been delivered but you did not get a confirmation email from our warehouse, then please contact us with the tracking number (UPS, FedEX, etc.), date & time delivered, and a description of contents. If it is in the possession of the receiving warehouse I will locate it and independently confirm its receipt. You are the only one that knows what you had shipped to us so you need to be sure you receive a confirmation email for each package.

Packages that arrive on the last two days prior to the cutoff may not be received into inventory until after the container is loaded, thus missing the container. When the container has been loaded and sealed it is shipped to Limon and I bill the participants.

Once cleared by CR customs the cargo is taken to our warehouse in Uvita where it is unloaded and your packages sorted and staged for pickup. This entire process most often takes about 2 to 4 weeks but is entirely dependent upon many factors outside our control such as shipping schedules, customs warehouse availability, port conditions, road conditions and weather. Recent changes to customs inspection protocol can extend the process by as much as 3 or more additional weeks.

I notify all participants by email of the pickup schedule as soon as all of the cargo clears customs. We generally allot around 8 to 10 hours over the course of two successive days and encourage all to pick up their packages in those scheduled times. Packages can also be made available by appointment for the balance of a week. Warehouse storage at attractive rates is also available. We also offer delivery.

Oh yeah, one last step -- enjoy your new stuff.