freight forwarding


The requirements to participate are simple: have a telephone you answer and an email that you check. You must pre-register here on the "GET STARTED" page -- a simple contact form. This is followed by a short phone call to discuss the your specific needs, expectations and the process. Upon mutual agreement that this service works for your needs we create an account and email you with your new shipping address and any special instructions.

We do not accept ad hoc shipping. The warehouse address is provided ONLY to registered participants.


Our hallmark has always been predictability and transparency -- and that includes pricing. Freight forwarding in Costa Rica has changed dramatically however. Now our actual pricing itself is nearly impossible to explain, so instead we have included a CALCULATOR page and we calculate it for you. You enter the dimensions, weight and the invoice value, select a value category and voila, a price. We even provide you with the ability to email the quote to yourself for your records. All of that said we cannot be any more transparent or predictable than Aduanas or Hacienda who makes the final calls on your taxes. So, in the interest of predictability and convenience we have developed 3 basic "value categories" into which we have parsed all of the many thousands of International Harmonized Codes, each having its own tax rate. We believe the value our customers gain in predictability and convenience far outweighs any costs for the loss in granularity. Prices and methodology are always subject to review and modification. Any significant changes in pricing structure will be announced here.

Additional charges aside from those displayed in the calculator may include:

  • TEMPORARILY WAIVED Food/Supplement/Medical etc. fees -- we are again able to bring you a variety of personal use items. These are:
      • Food, supplements, essential oils, edible seeds, salt, ointments or medicines.
      • Cat food, dog food, cat litter or pet meds.
      • Makeup, powders, perfumes, lotions, creams or colognes.
      • Soaps, shampoos, detergents, softeners or dryer sheets.
      • If you have other items like these that you would like to import please call.

note 1: TEMPORATILY WAIVED the fee is $10 per unique line item (e.g. 3 identical tubes of sunscreen is one unique item).

note 2: Air rates apply. Air freight is weight sensitive so some things might not be cost effective to ship; e.g. cat litter or dog food. To keep your costs down avoid shipping heavy items with your e.g. supplements.

  • Special permits -- some individual items require special permits. The cost of those permits vary by item.
  • optional insurance -- There is a link in each package confirmation email to purchase additional loss/damage insurance. The cost is $2.50 for each additional $50 in coverage, up to a maximum insured value of $400. Anything above that would be by quote only.
  • delivery & special handling -- by quote.


We receive your cargo at our warehouse in Florida by way of common carrier (e.g. UPS, mail, freight, etc.) or as drop-offs (e.g. you, a friend, local vendor). At the warehouse each discreet piece of cargo, referred to as a "package", is inspected, measured & weighed and assigned a warehouse receiving number. A "package" can be loose piece of cargo (e.g. bicycle), a pallet of goods, an individual box or an envelope. We forward what we receive.

When the receiving process is complete the package is staged for shipment. Each package is individually acknowledged by email within 2 business days of receipt. YOUR PACKAGE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY UNTIL WE CONFIRM RECEIPT. This cannot be stressed enough. You are the only one that knows what you shipped so you need to be sure you receive a confirmation email for every package. We are responsible only for what we receive and the confirmation email is your only proof that we have it in our possession.


Costa Rica Aduanas requires that we document every item and its value. This is submitted electronically. A "valid receipt" is required for all new items. If you pack the box yourself a detailed inventory is required, wherein every item is listed with a declared value (and a receipt if new). Each package confirmation email contains a link to an electronic dropbox, unique to that specific package, for you to submit your documentation to us electronically. All of this is discussed in more detail on the RECEIPTS & INVENTORIES page. Step-by-step instructions are also provided. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. PACKAGES CANNOT LEAVE FLORIDA UNTIL WE HAVE THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION.


You will be billed by email prior to pickup. Access to a list of our Payment options is provided in that email. We do not at this time accept credit card payments.


A wide array of delivery options are available but vary significantly by location and will selected on a case by case basis. We will continue to operate our Uvita warehouse where we will make sure our customers can retrieve their packages when it is convenient to them. If you have special needs just let us know.


Lowell Thomas -- ops mgr 506.8553.4899 505.908.9263 (US/Can.)

Jenni Wolfe -- office mgr


Randal Zuniga -- whse mgr 506.8403.8906

Jerry Thomas -- handyman 506.8702.5588 941.932.8581 (US/Can.)

Our Location:

this is the building, the sign is coming later.

In Uvita, on the Costanera, 1.25 km South of Firestone

(or 800 meters North of Ferriteria Colono, La Jungla)