• In other words, shipments arriving at the warehouse from a THIRD COUNTRY must be DUTY PAID.


  • Costa Rica health restrictions do not allow importation of used undergarments. NEW UNDERGARMENTS ARE OK. If they are seized we cannot recover them. Please bring them in your personal luggage.


  • Costa Rica health restrictions make it difficult to ship used shoes. NEW SHOES ARE OK. If your used shoes are seized we cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover them. You are better advised to bring them in your personal luggage.


    • NO Explosives, fuels, weapons, firearms of any sort or ammunition. Yes this includes BB guns, pellet guns and even Airsoft guns. If it even looks like a gun DON'T SHIP IT.
    • NO Compressed gasses. This includes spray paint, hair spray or any other aerosols, CO2 canisters for Soda Stream, compressed air for cleaning your computers, WD40, etc. If it is pressurized DON'T SHIP IT.
    • NO Solvents, paint, stains, sealers, corrosives, caustic compounds.
    • NO Motor oil
    • NO Tires
    • NO Self-propelled vehicles or equipment, or anything with a VIN number may be shipped via the shared container. Please contact me for a separate quote
    • NO Larger Batteries NOT specifically manufacturer labeled "Non-Spillable" on the battery itself as well as the packaging. Consumer batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, 9volt or batteries in laptops and other consumer products are permitted. Please ask if unsure.
    • NO Used propane tanks or welding tanks.
    • NO Food, supplements, essential oils, seeds, salt, ointments or medicines.
    • NO Cat food, dog food, cat litter or pet meds.
    • NO Makeup, powders, perfumes, lotions, creams or colognes.
    • NO Soaps, shampoos, detergents, softeners or dryer sheets
    • NO Seeds or fertilizers
  • This is only a general summary of maritime, US and Costa Rica restricted items and may change at any time without notice. Restricted items that show up at the warehouse, included in this list or not, will be held for up to 30 days pending your instructions for removal. In general, if it is edible, used on your body or is otherwise consumable (e.g. cat litter) please ask first. If you are unsure please contact me.
  • Participants will be held responsible for all damages and costs, including but not limited to repairs, replacements, fines, penalties, fees and taxes, and loss of business resulting from 1) smuggled items being discovered by Costa Rica Customs in packages to their name or 2) damage to other cargo, container, warehouse, equipment, ships or freight carriers resulting from smuggled goods.

LIQUIDS -- We must now restrict liquids

  • NO Liquids greater than 4 fl oz (120 ml)/shipped pkg. Fluids meeting this criteria (4 fl oz or less) must be packed for possible leaks and spills. "Liquids" includes gels and creams, etc. A single quart of liquid can ruin many tens of thousands of dollars in cargo. Do not attempt to sneak items onto the container. If that liquid leaks, for any reason, you will be held financially responsible for all damages to other cargo.