First off we'd like to thank everybody for their participation, encouragement, help and patience throughout the last 7 years. We are proud to be able to help our community. A special shout-out and thanks to the self-proclaimed "jerryatrics" who always show up to help in a pinch.

Thank you, Jerry & Lowell

our business

GET IT HERE JERRY consists of three primary lines of business: 1) Import/Export Services, 2) Commercial Warehouse Services, and 3) Storage


  • FREIGHT FORWARDING -- This is our principal activity and the subject of 90% of this website. Packages and pallets are sent to our warehouse in Florida and we forward them to Costa Rica by air and ocean container where taxes are paid and the packages are then made available for pickup or delivery.
  • HEALTH, BEAUTY & FOOD -- We are now able to import a variety of controlled items. See our Health, Beauty & FOOD page.
  • CONSOLIDATED EXPORT -- We collect and warehouse boxes or pallets of personal belonging being sent to the US by returning expats. Every 3 to 6 months we load a container and send it to our warehouse in Florida. There the loads are separated by customer and shipped by truck to the final destinations .
  • VEHICLE IMPORTING -- We receive vehicles at our warehouse in Florida. US Export paperwork is prepared and the vehicle is shipped to Costa Rica. Taxes are paid, the vehicle inspected, nationalized and registered. The vehicle is delivered with plates and ready to drive away in Cartago, CR. Delivery to anywhere is CR is available. Vehicles include anything from cars, to ATVs to heavy equipment.
  • FULL CONTAINER SHIPPING -- Full service full-container shipping of personal or commercial cargo is available for import or export from/to anywhere in the world


  • Our warehouse in Uvita offers a variety of warehouse services from container and truck unloading services to storage, distribution and delivery. Warehouse services are offered ad hoc or on a contract basis. Please feel free to contact us about your needs.


  • We are able to offer inside storage for a limited number of automobiles, motos, ATVs and UTVs. Outside storage, under cover is also available at a reduced rate.
  • We also offer various options for personal storage. Besides general warehouse storage we will soon provide public storage units. They are being constructed now so watch this space for announcements.
  • We also offer storage of project containers, whether to store supplies or to work on the container itself.
  • We can deliver anything we store.

AND ................

  • Is there something else you think we can help you with? Please just let us know.


Lowell Thomas -- ops mgr

lowell@getitherejerry.com 506.8553.4899 505.908.9263 (US/Can.)

Jenni Wolfe -- office mgr

lowell@getitherejerry.com 506.8553.4942

Randal Zuniga -- whse mgr

bodega@getitherejerry.com 506.8403.8906

Jerry Thomas -- handyman

jerry@getitherejerry.com 506.8702.5588 941.932.8581 (US/Can.)

Our Location:

this is the building, the sign is coming later.

In Uvita, on the Costanera, 1.25 km South of Firestone

(or 800 meters North of Ferriteria Colono, La Jungla)