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If you are not yet a participant please read the following pages carefully. They contain information you will need about WHAT WE DO, WHAT WE CAN'T DO , HOW IT WORKS and the Service Agreement. If this community service meets your needs please go to the GET STARTED page and sign up. Alternatively, feel free to call or write with your questions.


Welcome to our new website

The good news is everything has changed -- OR -- is changing. We are still under construction so please come back and visit again in a couple days.

Cost Rica Customs is changing and so are we.

We are proud to present the ALL NEW - Get It Here Jerry


-- In summary we will now be moving your cargo by various channels depending on size, weight and arrival rate. We will be utilizing air freight for all small packages and LCL pallet shipping for larger packages. Vehicles and larger cargo will be shipped via dedicated containers. Since we are no longer regularly consolidating our own containers we will be dispensing with load numbers and closing dates. Instead we will simply be getting everything out the door as quickly as possible, whichever way is appropriate. On the positive side the vast majority of cargo will be arriving much quicker. While we hesitate to make promises -- everything still depends on our volume -- small packages will generally be on their way in as few as 3 days and larger packages within 2 weeks.

On the negative side the days of cheap shipping are behind us -- i.e. the cost is going up. Hacienda and Aduanas have closed all of the loopholes and tightened up the varying interpretations of the declaration rules. Due to the new complexities of importing, estimating your shipping costs is no longer a simple matter. For this reason we have added a new CALCULATOR page so you can do your own estimates.

Very soon we will also be introducing new billing and payment methods. I know many have asked to pay On-Line with Credit Cards. We are making our best effort to figure that one out along with new billing software. Give us some time. We have so many projects on our hands already.


-- Existing customers should find the site layout to be familiar though most of the content has undergone varying degrees of revision. We always appreciate your feedback. Please let us know what you think.


-- We are happy to announce that we will soon be able to again ship personal medications, supplements and oils. There will still be some restrictions and limitations but we will be able to take care of your personal needs. We are finalizing the details. Watch for the announcement here.


-- The warehouse address has not changed.

-- There are still restrictions on what we can and cannot import. For now we are going to stick with the old restrictions. Those can be reviewed on the unchanged WHAT WE CAN'T DO page. Watch for the notices here.

-- A "valid receipt" is still required for all new items to be imported and a spreadsheet inventory is required for all repacks of used or new items. This is more important than ever. Packages will remain in Florida until the documentation is received and approved.


Lowell Thomas -- ops mgr

lowell@getitherejerry.com 506.8553.4899 505.908.9263 (US/Can.)

Jenni Wolfe -- office mgr

jenni@getitherejerry.com 506.8553.4942

Randal Zuniga -- whse mgr

bodega@getitherejerry.com 506.8403.8906

Jerry Thomas -- handyman

jerry@getitherejerry.com 506.8702.5588 941.932.8581 (US/Can.)

Our Location:

this is the building, the sign is coming later.

In Uvita, on the Costanera, 1.25 km South of Firestone

(or 800 meters North of Ferriteria Colono, La Jungla)