• The minimum billable volume is 1 cubic foot. If you are sending a very small package you can just enter any numbers 12 or below in each of the L, H & W.

  • The minimum billable weight is 1 lb.

  • For the invoice value input the total value on your invoice or your total declared value for used goods.

  • The "import value category" is roughly equivalent to taxes. We recommend that you select Med as "expected case", with the Low and High being "best" and "worst" cases respectively.

After you enter the required data a box will open with the pricing, broken down by billing element. Your cost is the sum of the 4 elements. Once you have tuned the inputs to your best expectations you can enter your email address and send yourself a copy for your records.


Air shipping is available upon request and for some restricted items such as food, supplements and medicines which can only be processed through the air facility. Otherwise, all packages will be physically routed the best-way as determined at the time of shipment.

The calculator provides a "Best way" estimate. For an Air Freight estimate select "Air freight" in the box below the Best Way pricing output. A second set of pricing output will appear below with the air pricing. There may be no difference in the two outputs. If they are the same then it might have gone by air anyway though that is not always the case.

If you want your package to go by air make sure you let us know -- AFTER we have your package in our possession.

There are 19,788 tax categories in Costa Rica. The following miniscule sampling is offered for reference only. Tax rates can vary dramatically on the most unexpected and seemingly irrelevant details.

The final category will be determined by Aduanas upon clearing. If you do not know the value category then use Med for 'expected case', Low for 'best case' and High for 'worst case'.