Service Agreement

freight forwarding

Receipt of packages at the receiving warehouse under your name signifies your complete understanding of, and constitutes your acceptance of, these terms, conditions and disclaimers in full. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us before you ship. We will try our best to address them to your satisfaction.
A “package” is defined here as an individually addressed, tracked and billed piece of cargo, as received for you and assigned a WR# at our receiving warehouse. A "package" can be an individual item, a parcel, a bundled or otherwise contained pallet, a single box or an envelope -- each containing one or more items or other containers (cardboard box, plastic bin, bag, etc.). Packages are processed in commercial warehouses and shipped via truck, air and ocean freight and so are subject to all of the issues that can arise relative to container freight, bulk cargo and warehouse handling. We do not own all of the elements of the end to end system. We instead contract for some of the service elements and combine them with our own services into a custom process that we manage. We continually refine the process yet there are multiple entities involved, some of which we have no control over such as Costa Rica Customs, and on rare occasions packages may be delayed, damaged, temporarily misplaced or even lost. Loss or damage insurance for minimum value is automatically applied to each package. We are the insurer of last resort and always reserve the right to pay only after all other claim options have been exhausted. Insurance does not cover loss or damage due to acts of God including, but not limited to, weather, winds, flooding, volcanos or earthquakes. Upon receipt by the warehouse the packages are opened, contents inspected and packages resealed. Individual packages and, in some cases, pre-consolidated packages are then loaded into containers in a manner as to utilize the container capacity to its maximum. Individual packages, consolidated cargo and loaded containers are subject to equipment handling including, but not limited to forklifts, hoists and cranes. Care is taken to protect your packages but it is your responsibility to ensure that your belongings are packed appropriately for container loading and transport, and occasional rough handling. (See USEFUL TIPS, a must-read for all custom packing). Frequently you will not have control of how it is packed, i.e. online purchases. In such cases the manufacturer packages, designed for shipping from the factory, is almost always adequate and is almost never a problem. We do not guarantee delivery times. Any number of things including, but not limited to, weather, high seas, holidays, strikes, washed out bridges, landslides, and Costa Rican Customs can result in minor to very significant delays of many months. Your plans should be able to accommodate such unexpected delays. You alone are responsible for your packages until we have acknowledged their receipt into inventory at our receiving warehouse. We will typically acknowledge receipt of each package by email within two business days of its delivery to the warehouse. That email may be under the commercial receiving warehouse letterhead and/or email address. That email is your proof that we have your package and have accepted responsibility for it. If you have proof of delivery and have not yet received our acknowledgment then you must contact us with the tracking number and description of contents. If it is in the possession of the receiving warehouse we will locate it and independently confirm its receipt. Use only your registered name to avoid unnecessary delays and charges. If when inspected by the warehouse there is anything in the package that we, our brokers or our contract shipper, do not want included on the container you will be notified by email with your options. If it is a surprise change we will assist you as best we can. If the package is discovered to include products that are listed on the website as restricted then the package will be set aside and you will be notified. You will be billed for subsequent storage and handling at standard warehouse rates. Should you succeed in circumventing our controls and smuggle such goods onto the load you will be held accountable for all damages and costs, including but not limited to repairs, replacements, warehouse charges, fines, penalties, fees and taxes, resulting from 1) smuggled items being discovered by Costa Rica Customs in packages to your name or 2) damage to other cargo, equipment, warehouses or freight carriers resulting from smuggled goods. Insurance does not cover acts of God, government confiscation or extreme delays resulting from lawful government actions regardless of who may be at fault. Rates are subject to change without notice. The rates published on this website reflect our expected costs but our final costs cannot be known until the taxes are paid. The rates applied to your invoice will be the rates published on this website at the time of billing. Extraordinary cost increases that occur after you have committed to send your packages to us may be reflected in your invoice. Extraordinary taxes applied after your shipping invoice has been paid will be invoiced and collected separately. Billing is based on the volume consumed in the container, as described in the website, and as a percentage of the total declared value of the cargo, for a given customer on a given billing. We bill the dimension measured by the warehouse at receiving. If you wish to contest the measurements or billed volume please contact us. We are happy to remeasure your package(s) upon arrival in Uvita and you will be credited or billed for any changes. We will not entertain measurement related claims after they have left our possession. The total declared value for a customer is determined by adding the total value of all valid receipts for new items and the customer's declared value for used items. When the container is loaded we will send you an itemized reimbursement invoice for all items that are included in that shipment for you. That is the amount we must be reimbursed and it must be paid in full by the date indicated on the invoice, by one of the methods indicated on the invoice -- all of which can change month to month. Bank transfer funds must be available in our bank account by the due date. There is no grace period. Payments made after the due date, lacking prior agreements otherwise, will be assessed a penalty of $10 plus 2%/day, simple interest, until the invoice is paid. No packages will be turned over to you until the invoice and penalties are paid in full. At 90 days past due packages may be disposed of at our discretion. Rates and prices can change without notice anytime up until your packages are released by customs. When we know the date that the packages will arrive in Uvita all participants will be notified by email of scheduled pickup dates and times. All packages must be picked up within 7 days of the first scheduled pickup time or other arrangements made with us. It is the participants’ responsibility to make arrangements for pick up as necessary to meet the time frames. Packages not picked up within one week will be subject to our standard short-term-storage fees. Packages left with us beyond 90 days, absent arrangements for storage, may be disposed of at our discretion. This is a community service and these terms of use can and will change without notice and participants may or may not be directly notified via their registered email address of the changes. Changes will be posted on this website. This by no means constitutes the complete terms of service. Other terms may exist in emails or elsewhere on our website. In a conflict these terms shall supersede any terms communicated by email or in this website as published prior to the posting or updating of this page. If at any point we feel that a participant in our judgement is not abiding by these terms we may, at our sole discretion, cancel their registration. In the event that your account has been canceled you will be given 30 days from that date to make arrangements for the removal of any of your packages that are being held at, or subsequently arrive at, the receiving warehouse. Absent other accommodations, any items that have not been removed by that date may be disposed of by the warehouse as per their normal policy. Receipt of packages at the receiving warehouse under your name signifies your complete understanding of, and constitutes your acceptance of, these terms, conditions and disclaimers in full. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us before you ship. We will try our best to address them to your satisfaction. The bottom line is this is not, and cannot be a risk free service.If these terms, conditions and disclaimers do not suit your needs or you feel that you may be treated wrongfully or unfairly under this service agreement then do not send your packages to us. We are simply trying to make all of our lives a bit easier in an uncertain, difficult and frequently confusing environment. If you also see it this way and you are willing to accept this sometimes vague or uncertain service agreement and follow the rules then we most happily welcome your participation.


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