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Can I ship my car/quad/moto in the container?

Yes. Please call for the most current information.

How often do you ship?

We typically ship every 1 to 3 weeks, or as soon as we meet our minimum commitments -- whichever comes first.

What are the taxes and duties on my item?

To the extent that the cargo conforms to our general description of personal household effects, taxes and duties are included in the cubic foot charges and supplemented by addition taxes as explained in the next question. Other large or expensive items that fall outside that general description will be declared as commercial cargo and additional taxes will apply. Commercial taxes can be estimated but the final taxes will be calculated by Aduanas upon declaration. If you have a commercial shipment please contact us for an estimate.

Why do additional taxes apply to total declarations over $200?

Our costs are driven by three factors -- handling/processing, volume and taxable value. We have three pricing elements that try to balance those three factors. The package fee is directly related to the processing of each package. The volume charge reflects the fact that our container is volume constrained. Finally the added taxes tries to ensure that higher value items pay their fair share. We achieve our low rates by averaging somebody's new shoes with somebody else's used pants. Even so, it does not cover our entire tax liability. For that reason we must recover a bit more.

Must every item be boxed?

No, it can be stand alone, e.g. a folded wheelchair or a bicycle. If it can be easily damaged it is highly recommended that it at least be wrapped in cardboard if not padding. If it has parts that can snag or move (e.g. bicycle pedals) it is best that it be broken down or shrink-wrapped at least. Similar items should be bundled together, e.g. garden tools. Please remember that everything will be given the care typical of a forklift.

Is there a minimum or maximum size?

There is no lower limit. At the upper end we are limited only by what will fit into a container. As a practical matter however, an item should not be bigger or heavier than a forklift can handle. If it is bigger than that you must contact me first to ensure special handling arrangements are available. Large items must be crated in a way that permits other things to be stacked on top, sometimes even other pallets. If it is not then you may be billed for the volume to the ceiling of the container; 8 ft.

I am dropping off several boxes. Must I put them on a pallet?

It is not necessary to palletize your boxes but depending on the cargo it might be advisable. If you do put them on a pallet then the whole pallet is treated as a single trackable unit and therefore subject to a single receiving charge and insurance charge. On the flip side, the billed dimensions of the pallet are based on the maximum dimensions (including the pallet) in each direction, so care should be taken to make the pallet a neat cube and minimize voids. Pallets and shrinkwrap are made available at the receiving dock for $15.

What is the $75 "pallet charge"?

Particularly large, heavy or unwieldy items may be shipped with a pallet when, in our estimation, it is necessary for loading and unloading. The $75 surcharge covers the billable container space consumed by the pallet that would otherwise be sold for other packages.

Can I ask the warehouse to put one package inside another, or combine packages?

No. We forward freight as received only.

If I miss the container what are the storage fees?

If you miss the container because the package arrived after the container closed there is no charge to hold it over to the next container. If you wish to store packages for additional time it must be custom quoted. Just let us know.

How do I get my packages when they arrive?

When the truck arrives we unload, inventory and sort all packages. Participants are allowed 4 to 5 hours the following 2 days to pick up their packages. For the balance of a week we will open the warehouse by appointment, at your convenience. After a week minimal warehouse storage fees will be assessed. You can also have someone else pick up your packages or we can deliver.

Is delivery available to my house?

Local delivery is available. If we are not able to manage it ourselves we can assist in finding other delivery resources.

Is storage available?

Yes, storage is available -- both short term and long term.

Can I ship my riding lawn mower?

Yes, additional taxes will apply